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At St. John’s

We think everyone should have the chance to live their life to the fullest.

Health Care P.C
Personalized Plan of Care

Our caring professionals meet our clients’ medical needs while helping them enjoy life in their own homes and communities.

Health Care
Health Care center
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St. John's Health Care P.C

Our Work

Many individuals with medical needs want to stay at home but need more care than their families can provide. That's where we come in!

Our team of professional caregivers supports adults, children of all ages, and their families by helping clients:

  • Manage their health with specialized care, including ventilator monitoring.

  • Complete activities of daily living.

  • Enjoy their favorite activities.

What we provide:

Personalized Plan of Care

Personalized Plan of Care

Consistent Care

Consistent Care Throughout the Lifespan

We start by matching your household to a care professional based on schedule preferences, specialization, and general fit. Then we craft a plan of care that's tailored for you and your needs, whether that includes 8 hours of care per day or 24.

We serve all populations from pediatric to senior. Some of our long-time clients have been with us since they first left the neonatal care unit at the hospital. Many others have developed close friendships with caregivers over decades.

Nursing Care

Basic to Complex Nursing Care

Our services range from helping with daily activities and supervising medicine intake to more complex interventions. For example, our in-house ventilator training helps our caregivers handle needs that would be challenging for other agencies to meet. Some of our other capabilities include hourly care for TBI or paralysis, suction and tracheotomy care, G-tube care and feedings, and many other procedures.

Health Care

A Lighter Side to Health Care

We have fun with our clients! We think that's an important part of healing and having a high quality of life. Caregivers and clients will often participate in outings, activities, and community events, such as going bowling, attending a concert, going to Disney, etc. What will you do?

Core Values:

The Best Care

We believe everyone deserves excellent and reliable care, even in the comfort of home.

Fulfilling Lives

We want our clients and caregivers to not only be healthy, but also live joyful, full lives and participate in the things they love most.

Long-Term Relationships

Caregivers and clients at St. John’s often develop a strong rapport over time, as well as forge connections in their community.

Our Mission

Our agency’s vision is to provide excellent care while growing long-term relationships with our patients and team members. We serve our community by providing crucial in-home care to West Michigan families as well as offering fulfilling career opportunities to dedicated healthcare professionals.

Building your career at St. John's

Being a caregiver at St John’s isn’t just a day job. It’s a career where you’ll be valued and celebrated for making our mission possible.

“I’ve worked 50+ years, experienced all kinds of nursing specialties in large healthcare corporations, learned so much, but never felt so comfortable being able to use all my skills, medical as well as Mental Health, while giving 1:1 care. Know your loved one will be cared for here when the time comes, as if they were family!”

- Susan C, RN

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What Clients Say

"This health care team is unlike anyone you will ever welcome into your home. They're loving and simply amazing."

- Brandy C

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