Our agency provides hourly Private Duty licensed nursing within the home. Because of the independent nature of home health care, St. John’s Health Care P.C. is particular about the selection of our professional staff. Nurses are screened not only for their experience, skills, and work history, but also for the personal attributes necessary to work with clients in their home. We then further orient and train our selected staff to assure that the abilities and competency meet or exceed our high standard of care. Our in house ventilator training allows us to readily take on more complicated clients that other agencies may be hesitant to accept.

We also pride ourselves in our reliability of care coverage. This is a big concern for many clients and contractors. When we accept the responsibility for providing car, whether partial or full time, you can count on us to make sure that one of our professionals will be there.

Our admission process accommodates well both the established home client and those requiring the transition from a facility to a residence. A plan of care is initiated during the admission process and is continuously developed to provide for a smooth and effective transition, and to provide for the maximum quality of life possible. Our managers can also assist with the coordination of additional services and the provision of necessary supplies and equipment. Assistance with third party billing is also possible.

To support our professional staff, St. John’s Health Care P.C. has developed the necessary administrative and managerial structure necessary for the monitoring and improvement of ongoing care. These programs include:

  • Quality Assurance and Continuous Quality Improvement programs

  • Infection Control and Risk Management programs

  • Staff Development and Continuing Education

  • Managerial case reviews with assigned Primary Caregivers

  • Informal and formal Client Concern and Complaint process


We believe that our combination of quality professional staff, our administrative/managerial strength, and our philosophy of reliable quality care, sets our agency apart as a superior provider of care.