Allan Bayes

I could write a book on the professional care that St. John’s Health Care P.C. provided my wife over the years that she fought ALS. She always looked forward to seeing you and Robin, she always had a smile for Robin as they were like sisters.

I know Sandy and I both felt like you and Robin were part of our family and she was always happy to see you and your staff as you made her feel like a sister as much as she was a patient and that was important to her and to me.

Robin and the other Nurses that attended her were very knowledgeable and always had the answer and the solution to serious problems that came up and there were a lot of those due to her serious condition!

Sandy’s case was a very serious condition and she required the best medical help available and St. John’s Health Care P.C. provided that and more and thank God for that!

Carol Mosher

“I am truly grateful for the care St. John’s has provided for my son. I live out of state, but I can always count on them to be there for him. The personal care Lisa and her group provide is outstanding. I would recommend them to anyone in need of home health care.”

Mike and Fran Stites David, Rachael, and Hannah

As with most clients and their families, very unfortunate circumstances fall into our laps and we are left with only the most difficult of options. Very few of us have any experience or education into this often frightening and extremely challenging world. Nearly fifteen years ago our then five-year-old son suffered catastrophic injuries from an auto accident including permanent neurological impairment and paralysis, multiple orthopedic and internal injuries, in addition to respiratory compromise. For more than two years we hung on, doing what we could to keep him in our care at home and out of an institutional setting. The reality is that we were drowning. If it weren’t for the “rescue” of St. John’s Health Care and their professional involvement in our home, I do not see how we could have avoided that inevitability. To date our son is still living at home, meeting his myriad of future and unpredictable challenges with the full potential that is left him, and we are confident we will be able to continue with the support of St. John’s Health Care.

Every nurse over the years who has worked with our son has been more than satisfactory. All the same we cannot help but be especially grateful for Shelly Hanley, the nurse usually assigned to our son. She has gone above and beyond the call of the nursing profession. Her particular instincts, experience, and insight have continued to be an invaluable resource to our family. Ms. Hanley continues to maintain her professional obligations with utmost discretion, respects our unique family dynamic, yet is still the caring and warm individual we need her to be.

Thanks so very much!

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